With the beginning of school a week ago, the daily papers were loaded with reports of kids being sent home since they have not clung to the clothing regulation. Picture pitiful countenances of guardians and youngsters alike as they communicated they’re disheartened at not being permitted to wear the most impenetrable pants or briefest skirts, one young woman even had the audacity to feel deceived after her panther print hairdo was viewed as unsatisfactory for school. Children, get accustomed to it as there are clothing standards wherever in grown-up life.

One town has gone above and beyond and just restricted young fellows wearing their pants so low threw that you can see their boxers underneath now they have chosen that miniskirts and daisy dukes are next for the cleave. Maybe a stage too far we think and while they may have a point that not every person looks great in them, it is no motivation to force a sweeping restriction on them.

A clothing standard is vital and if individuals are to begin overlooking it then we are putting away issues ahead. We have heard numerous businesses moan about the way that individuals are turning up for interviews in the most unseemly dress and as yet hoping to land the position! Gentlemen showing up in load shorts and shoes for a keeping money work no less! Did their vocations guides not disclose to them that there is no ‘dress down Friday’ in that business?

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