We are the Goa’s #1 escort agency. We are constantly keen on got notification from first class women who are looking for work as independent companions and who wish to utilize us.


We’re a female-run a group here at Secrets and every one of our receptionists has broad experience and learning of the escort business. We are devoted to giving an expert, non-judgemental and safe condition for the Goa Independent Escorts who wish to be spoken to by us.

We’re focused on your wellbeing and we have a careful booking process set up to guarantee that you’re all around cared for consistently. What’s more, to further protect you from damage, we work a liquor and medication free policy in our autos and on our premises.

When you begin filling in as an independent companion with us, you have the decision of driving yourself, utilizing one of our reviewed company drivers, or a mix of the two. A large number of our tip-top sidekicks like to have the adaptability of self-driving during that time and having a driver at ends of the week so they can relax on those exceptionally bustling Friday and Saturday evenings! If you drive yourself, you will be approached to cover the entire Goa. If you have zones that you would lean toward not to cover, don’t stress – we generally consider and you will never be required to go out of your customary range of familiarity.


Our agency offers totally adaptable working examples, so whether you’re a professional young lady who simply needs a touch of additional low maintenance work or you’re resolved to accompany work all day, we’ll work around you. We’re open 7 days seven days as well, so we can oblige both weekday and end of the week accessibility.

You’ll be working as a totally independent, independently employed escort and we ask that you use us as your sole showcasing stage while we’re speaking to you. This implies you won’t almost certainly work with another elite agency or by means of some other independent companion registry in Goa. We request your eliteness to empower us to keep escort guidelines high and to ensure that customers are constantly intrigued by our world-class portfolio of independent buddies.


In case you’re an incredible escort, you can hope to acquire a great deal of cash with us and our elite agency expenses are the most reduced in Goa. We advance you in an expert way and we anticipate that you should speak to yourself and the agency in like manner. We don’t have top picks or inner circles at our agency – everybody is dealt with reasonably and we attempt and guarantee that each escort working with us wins to their maximum capacity.


Clever elite companions comprehend the significance of having new, crisp, hot substance with which to entice our vigorous customer base! Not at all like other agencies who charge for photograph portfolios, at our agency your escort photograph shoots are free and are secretly shot with a female picture taker. The main thing we ask consequently is that you book in for new photographs consistently and that you put thought and exertion into your outfits and appearance. As an independent companion, it’s imperative to emerge from the group – it’s a focused industry and in case you’re getting clicks, you’re getting calls!

Try not to be anxious about getting your photographs taken! We don’t ask that you show your face and we alter out any recognizing imprints, for example, tattoos to shield your security and personality.


It’s extremely simple to apply to turn into an independent companion on the web. Basically, click on our ‘Join Us’ page and round out the subtleties mentioned.

With regards to sending us your application photographs, remember the accompanying:

  • Establish an incredible first connection by joining great quality photographs! We like to see a reasonable facial photograph without channels or impacts. We additionally need to see a reasonable full-body shot to get a thought of your figure and shape. Try not to stress in case you’re breathtaking – as long as your shape is in extent, despite everything we’re intrigued.
  • Try not to send bunch photographs – not exclusively are you possibly breaking another person’s security, it isn’t in every case clear your identity!
  • No nudes or disgusting photographs please – we should keep it, tasteful women! Undergarments shots, swimwear photographs, and glitz ‘going out’ dresses are impeccable.
  • Take a look at your experiences! You may look stunning however on the off chance that your room is a tip, it could propose that your norms won’t meet our own, so clean up!

When you’ve presented your application your subtleties will be checked on at the soonest opportunity. If your escort application is fruitful, you’ll get a call to planned a meeting. We’re a very bustling office in the nights and at ends of the week, so we just hold interviews 12.30 pm – 5 pm, Tuesday to Friday – you’ll have to manage this as a top priority when you’re presenting your details.


Escort meetings are eye to eye and held at our workplaces in Goa. This is to guarantee that we know you’re more than 18, and all the more significantly, so you can perceive how expertly we are run. We don’t ask that you ‘spruce up’ for your meeting, yet a woman who sets aside the effort to introduce herself well will dependably establish a decent first connection. Remember, this is a stylish industry and we are in the matter of advancing simply the best.

While we value that forthcoming escorts don’t constantly fit the standard and that things do manifest a minute ago, if it’s not too much trouble comprehend that we are just keen on working with dependable, reliable Escort Girls. If you neglect to land for your meeting or you don’t keep us in contact should you have to rework, we will accept that you are not genuine about joining with Secrets and we will send your application with us.

We generally attempt to complete your first photo shoot when you come in for your meeting to maintain a strategic distance from you making two outings. The entire procedure takes around 90 minutes and you will almost certainly begin function as an independent companion straight away.


If you’d like more data about turning into an independent companion or if you’d like to inquire about the status of an application, it would be ideal if you call Carrie Monday-Friday, 12pm-7pm.

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